Protected events

With the newest feature called “Protected events” you can restrict access to special events (and all of it’s actions) to a limited group of users withhin your meeting.

A protected event is a special event in a meeting that only users with a special passwords can see & modify. Each meeting can have a protected events password. Every user with the role Administrator for this meeting can set the password in the administration menu.

An event can be marked as protected in its edit dialog via the checkbox “protected event”.

In the ActionLog input dialogs with “Show/Hide protected events” together with the password entry at the top enable or disable protected events. Note that the Show/Hide dialog is only visible if there is one or more protected event for this meeting.

For consistency reasons reports, the action summary and the dashboard still shows all or counts all events. If an event is escalated to another meeting, it falls under the Show/Hide protected events rule that is given for this other meeting.

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Customize your ActionLog

Today we’ve released a major feature update of our ActionLog. The new version contains customized fields, which are in fact user-specific additions to the data model of the ActionLog.

An user with administrator rights can create additional customized fields for Events and Actions. They can be assigned to an OrgUnit, so that all Meetings of this OrgUnit will have the same customized fields. All nested OrgUnits will inherit these customizations and therefore all Meetings, which belongs directly or indirectly to this OrgUnit will have those customized fields. The fields can be managed from the Administration - Customized Schema menu item:

  • Organisational unit
    The OrgUnit this particular schema should be applied to (choose your top-level OrgUnit here for simplicity here).
  • Customized field type
    Applicable either for Events or Actions.
  • Name
    The name (unique within the OrgUnit) of this additional field.
  • Size
    Leave empty for 1 line text entry or use format of e.g. 10×2 as the size for multiple lines.
  • Description
    Additional info for this field.

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1st Website relaunch

Okok, this will happen quite a few times in future. But anyways: now appears in a (slightly?) better design and layout.

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ActionLog goes public

Finally our ActionLog made the step from our internal app to an “open-for-all” system.

It is free to sign-up and to use for single users.

If you would like to get support for your teams, just ask us.

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